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Having a pearly-white smile can vastly improve your self-confidence and help you smile more often. At Centreville Dental Design in Centreville, Virginia, Jae Chong, DMD, and his team offer Zoom!® teeth whitening, a fast, safe, and effective in-office method of whitening your teeth. Dr. Chong also offers a take-home teeth whitening kit. To whiten your teeth a few shades, call the office today or schedule your appointment online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What are the different teeth whitening treatments? 

Whitening your teeth by just a few shades can help you feel younger and more attractive. It can also improve your self-esteem and confidence because if you like your teeth, it’s likely you’ll smile more often. 

Dr. Chong and his dental staff offer two affordable and simple teeth-whitening solutions: 

  • Zoom! in-office teeth whitening

  • Take-home teeth whitening kit

What can I expect during the in-office Zoom® teeth whitening? 

Centreville Dental Design offers Zoom! teeth whitening, a convenient and quick way to whiten your teeth a few shades lighter. Prior to beginning the teeth-whitening session, Dr. Chong and his staff perform a regular teeth cleaning to get rid of any plaque and stains.

After the cleaning, the dental staff covers your lips and gums with a protective gel to avoid irritation. They then apply a Zoom! hydrogen peroxide whitening gel on your teeth and use a special light to activate the solution. The whole process — the dental cleaning followed by the in-office teeth whitening — takes roughly 90 minutes to complete. 

How does the take-home whitening kit work?

The take-home whitening kit allows you to whiten your teeth over 10-14 days. Because you’re whitening your teeth over a longer period of time, you can expect excellent results. 

Take-home whitening kits are also a great choice for people who only have minor stains on their teeth. 

Is it safe to whiten my teeth?

Centreville Dental Design uses FDA- and American Dental Association-approved in-office or take-home teeth whitening treatments. It’s recommended that regardless of which solution you use, whitening your teeth should be done in moderation. After your treatment, you may experience tooth sensitivity or irritated gums for a few hours.

What causes tooth discoloration?

Most people’s teeth become less pearly white as they age. However, your teeth may become more discolored due to a variety of preventable reasons, including poor dental hygiene and tobacco use. Additionally, drinking a lot of coffee, colas, red wine, or tomato sauce can stain your teeth. 

To prevent some tooth stains, Dr. Chong recommends you brush your teeth twice a day along with using mouthwash and floss at least once daily. Centreville Dental Design also offers regular teeth cleanings to remove surface stains. 

To achieve a Hollywood-white smile using the Zoom! in-office or take-home tooth whitening solutions, call Dr. Chong and his staff at Centreville Dental Design. You can also schedule your appointment online.